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The IBE Say No Toolkit

Why is the Say No Toolkit free?

Compliance with the 2010 Bribery Act is in everyone’s best interest. It sets an ethical standard for UK businesses, both at home and abroad. And promotes fair trade between organisations – creating a healthy, competitive economy for us all. Charging a nominal fee for this basic version of the toolkit would dilute its impact. So we only charge if you decide to custom-build your own system.

Does it require an internet connection?

The desktop version is cloud-based, so you will need internet access. However, the mobile app works offline once installed, so users can get answers in any environment – even WI-FI blackspots, like many government buildings overseas.

Are there any hidden charges?

None at all. This basic toolkit is free to use, and we have no plans to charge in the future – except for custom additions.

How many queries can a user submit?

As many as needed. Some people need it every day, others once a month, or less. So it’s there whenever it’s needed, with no upper limit.

How many people can use it, in one organisation?

We suggest that you try it out, then share it with a few of your senior colleagues. Let them get a feel for it, then decide: how do you want to bring the toolkit into your business?

If you want to roll out the basic toolkit to everyone, that’s okay. Or take the next step and customise – it’s all up to you.

The customised version...

How is the content customised?

You’ll have access to our basic guidance, via a simple spreadsheet. Here you can amend, add or delete at will, to bring the guidance into line with your own policies.

Once you’ve specified your changes, we upload the content to an editable database: an online tool that you can use once the system launches, to manage future changes as and when you need.

Who makes the changes?

You manage this internally, so your HR and legal people will have a role to play. However, we’ll advise on structure, to place new content carefully within the storyboard – making sure staff can find answers without getting lost in the content.

Is there anything we can’t change?

Content-wise, there are no restrictions – you can change anything you see. Change the advice itself, like switching from SAY YES to SAY NO. Change the explanations behind any decision. Or change the drop-down menus, to introduce your own scenarios. It’s all up to you. The only thing we ask is that you don’t change the App icon.

What if we work in more than one language?

Yes we can provide additional languages at an extra cost.

Can we add our own policy documents?

We can store offline documents but beware document hosting slows down the system. If you want to include a policy, you can add it as regular text – or if the document is already online, simply add a link.

What if new laws and regulations come in after customisation?

From the point of handover, you are responsible for your own content. You won’t receive any updates from the IBE. So your HR team should be on “alert” – ready to update guidance in response to changing laws.

What technical support will we receive?

We’ll work with your IT department to make sure the system is set up securely. Then from the point of launch, you’ll have 3 months free technical support to manage any bugs or fixes you identify. Then we can arrange further support if needed.

Where is the toolkit hosted?

That’s a point for discussion with your IT people. Typically, we’d host the whole system on our own secure servers. This safeguards the website, mobile app, database and admin area. However, if you prefer to host the database yourself, we can move it across to your internal servers or intranet.

How long will customisation take, from start to finish?

Once you give us the go-ahead, we work to an eight week timeline. Our main tasks are completed within the first two weeks, then we allow four extra weeks for you to tailor the content. This is followed by two weeks of testing, feedback and deployment.

How does the mobile app work?

The app works on any Android, iOS or Windows phone. Your staff can access the app via a link on your intranet. And if you choose, we can add it to the Android and Apple Stores.

Once installed, the app is self-contained, meaning all the data is stored locally on the device. Then it communicates with the server once a week, to look for updates.

This gives you the best of both worlds: it can be used offline in WI-FI blackspots, without the inconvenience of manually updating.

What communications support do you offer?

As part of your package, you’ll have a suite of products to promote the toolkit internally. This includes a poster campaign, a website banner for your intranet, and a PowerPoint presentation that managers can use as they roll it out to their teams.

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