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Institute of Business Ethics

Customising The Say No Toolkit

The Say No Toolkit is an asset for any organisation, to support your employee decision-making and maintain your reputation. It will guide you to a robust decision, based on your own standards and ethical business practices.

The IBE-branded Toolkit will provide your organisation with general information on how your employees should manage difficult situations. But as your policies and guidance may differ slightly, there’s also the option to tailor the content to reflect your organisation’s values.

Personalising the Toolkit enables you to add more specific guidance and relevant examples, your own branding and the ability to manage updates as necessary.

Why customise the say no toolkit?
Tailor the content

To clarify policy or add examples

Brand it

So it feels “native” – your own app

Increase usage

Support your employees and strengthen your culture

Improve recruitment and retention

As a responsible employer

Business development

Use exposure to attract investors and partners

What do you get?

Your own progressive web App instantly accessible via a link that you can share.

No limit on the number of users.

The full content of the IBE Say No Toolkit with the opportunity to modify, as required, to reflect your organisation’s ways of working, including policy positions on charitable donations or gift limits, etc.

The ability to add specific contacts/named individuals.

Links to your company systems can be inserted, for example to a gift and hospitality register or to an Ethics or Speak Up website.

The toolkit is fully branded – a critical part of ensuring employees make the decisions you would expect them to as they can be confident that they are following your (their employer’s) guidance, rather than more general information.

A dashboard to allow you to update content moving forwards and view analytics on how people are interacting with your toolkit.

What does it cost?

To create your customised tooolkit costs £14,500 (+ UK VAT)

Additional languages can be added free of charge (excluding translation costs)

Companies that have decided to customise the Say No Toolkit

What happens over the next eight weeks ifyou decide to customise the Say No Toolkit?

First of all we will need you to return the agreement before we can start building your own branded version.

The faster you can do this the faster we can get started.

We’ll work with you to design the structure of your Toolkit, which will house your own content.

We’ll use your branding to finesse the look and feel of the Toolkit, adding your logo, colours, font and any other styling required by your branding guidelines.

Your HR and legal teams can focus on the content, confirming the specifics of your required guidance.

We’ll upload the existing IBE content to an editable system, so you can manage future changes – just like updating a web page.

We’ll add a USEFUL CONTACTS section that you can edit freely, to make sure every concern goes to the right person.

Once it’s all ready for launch we’ll provide a link that you can share directly with employees or on your intranet.

Want to know more about customising?

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