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It worked for Serco’s 100,000 employees worldwide

Serco is a diverse business, supporting public services on five continents. From a UK base, they manage defence, transport, justice, immigration and healthcare contracts, aided by a 100,000 strong global support team.

With so many interactions with people at every level, their staff face sensitive decisions every day. The basic Say No Toolkit offered them a vital starting point, but they immediately saw a clear need for customisation:

A chance to expand and clarify, and bring the advice in line with the nuances of their business.

The branded Serco Say No Toolkit launched in August 2013, as an app and desktop system.

With freedom to adapt, they built on the standard responses of YES, NO, and ASK – adding a fourth option to REPORT a misdemeanour. Meanwhile the core guidance was tailored, to fit a wide range of common scenarios unique to Serco’s business.

Giving them their own toolkit, without the burden of creating it from scratch.

Serco now has a workforce that understands laws and protocols and makes decisions with confidence – always in keeping with company policy.

“In response to the UK Bribery Act, we strengthened existing guidance available to our staff with additional scenario-based practical advice. The Say No Toolkit means employees now have this available at the touch of a button for a range of situations. We are pleased to have supported the IBE in the development of this toolkit, and that it will be available to other organisations.”

Robert Smith
Director of Business Compliance and Ethics – Serco

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