Say No Toolkit

Institute of Business Ethics

Say No Toolkit

Devised by the Institute of Business Ethics.

The IBE Say No Toolkit provides in-the-moment support to your employees when they need it most.

It is a decision-making tool, designed to help organisations support their employees to make the right decision when faced with a difficult situation. The Say No Toolkit provides immediate, practical guidance on a wide range of business issues.

It will guide your employees to a YES or NO decision if:

  • offered a gift or hospitality package;
  • offered a facilitation payment ; or
  • faced with a conflict of interest.

The Toolkit works for organisations of all shapes and sizes. Available through an app or website, its contents can be tailored to reflect your in-house guidance and values. For organisations who want to share general advice, you can use the IBE-branded Toolkit for free.

The Say No Toolkit is very simple to use. When faced with a difficult situation, your employees can simply tap through a series of questions and the Toolkit will guide their decision, telling them to: Say No, Say Yes or Ask. Each answer will come with a short explanation, making it clear why employees should follow that decision and giving them the confidence and the knowledge to respond appropriately.

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